Cody Simpson used to be a regular Australian kid who liked making music in his room, until his videos on ,YouTube blew up and he got his own record contract! Now he’s ready to start a new chapter of his musical career. Back in Cody started recording songs by other artists and putting his version on YouTube. The only catch to getting signed—Cody had to leave Australia for L. Cody released his EP 4 U in December of , and immediately started working on his first full length album right after. In Cody released one of his most popular albums yet, Surfer’s Paradise, featuring collaborations with major industry talents like Ziggy Marley and Asher Roth, and toured with Justin Bieber. The same year he also released an autobiography, Welcome to Paradise: Theindependence inspired a flurry of creativity as well as a desire to make music with new, talented people. Through a lucky introduction, he ended up in a Malibu studio overlooking the ocean with producer Cisco Adler.

Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson kissing pictures leaked – what will momager Kris Jenner say?

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Cody Simpson The singer told J that he doesn’t put any limitations on the kind of person he could fall in love with, and it all sounds pretty sensible from our perspective: “Yeah, I would.

Connor Sephton answered Cody Simpson fans all over the world will be happy to know that this sensational young artist is still single. Despite his superstar status, this year old lad is still busy touring and making new songs to even have a girlfriend. Fans go crazy over Cody Simpson especially when he performs onstage. Young as he is he can make girls swoon with his voice and the way he plays his instruments.

It’s no surprise then that everybody is wondering if he’s still single or dating someone at the present. Just like with other famous artists, the love life of Cody Simpson is a controversial issue especially among female fans. They are always wondering if he’s still available or who’s his latest girlfriend is. But the truth is he’s not seeing anyone at the moment.

The good news is he is even open-minded about the idea of dating a fan. This only shows how down to earth and a real romantic this young artist is. Born as Cody Robert Simpson, this young heartthrob hails from Queensland Australia where he was a champion swimmer before he was discovered by producer Shawn Campbell on YouTube. Simpson recorded songs in the popular website such as those sang by other artists and also his own songs. He became even more popular when he joined the Camplified tour which was his first public tour in the United States.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Niall Horan and Justin Bieber have been pictured with a suspicious glass pipe in a shock Snapchat video. The One Direction singer and his friend, plus Australian singer Cody Simpson, 18, can be seen sat on a sofa together as Cody plays the guitar.

The snap was taken from Cody’s Snapchat account, and the suspicious-looking pipe, which looks similar to those made famous from TV series Breaking Bad, is seen on a coffee table in front of the popstars. It is surrounded by a lighter, a bottle of water, and other smaller items. The short clip shows controversial singer Justin singing along to Home to Mama, as Niall sits close by and watches.

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Larger text size Very large text size A sandy haired year-old boy from the Gold Coast is the most followed Australian on Twitter. Singer Cody Simpson topped the official end of year poll by the social media platform, with 7. Actor Hugh Jackman came in equal second with 5 Seconds of Summer singer and guitarist Luke Hemmings, both of whom have 4. However the New Zealand-born singer, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor, is the owner of the “golden tweet of “.

Her post which included a photoshopped image of herself compared to an untouched image and the message “flaws are ok” was retweeted 73, times by Australian Twitter users. Simpson came in at number two for his tweet, which featured a photo of the La De Dee singer arm-wrestling Justin Bieber, along with the poignant message “let’s go!

It was shared by more than 41, of his fans. The teenager, who sings and plays guitar, was discovered in a similar fashion to Bieber in – via YouTube by Jay-Z’s producer Shawn Campbell. His family relocated to Los Angeles so he could work with some of the biggest names in music, including Flo Rida and other producers and songwriters who worked on Bieber’s early albums.

Is Selena Gomez dating Cody Simpson?

Kylie gave birth to their baby girl on February 1, , and the couple has lovingly named her Stormi Webster. But how did Kylie Jenner and Scott meet in the first place? And since Kylie and Kendall are very close, it was easy for Kylie to talk to the rapper. Their friendship soon turned to romance, and the relationship has been further cemented by the baby coming into their lives.

Now, Kylie is looking forward to a full life with Scott and their baby girl, Stormi, with her past firmly behind her. He is an American hip hop singer who had a controversial relationship with Kylie that saw many ups and downs during the three years they were together.

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Rebound Relationships – is it worth getting into? Rebounds often have a bad rap. This is because a relationship like this normally starts off as a friendship with special benefits and then move on to a significant relationship.

Is Cody Simpson shying away from some of his potential moves on Dancing with the Stars?. Quite possibly, if his girlfriend has anything to say about it. The Aussie pop star, 17, joked to PEOPLE.

Cody Simpson has never told the press he is gay or done anything to suggest he is gay. He has a song called ‘Love so Strong’ which he claimed was inspired by a girl from home during an interview with Popstar Magazine. Although he did not explicitly state it, this quote suggests that he was in love with a girl and this would lead to the conclusion that Cody Simpson is not gay.

It is common for people to spread rumors about pop stars and their sexual orientation by people who are jealous of their success. Who is Cody Simpson? Singles Cody Simpson has five singles: He is also an avid swimmer and has won gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships. Gay Celebrities It is rare that teenage celebrities reveal that they are gay at such a young age and they are much more likely to reveal details of their personal lives when they reach their early 20s and are more confident in themselves and feel able to share their sexual orientation with the world.

Many gay teens find that they are bullied and it can be a difficult thing to reveal at such a young age.

Justin Bieber Calls Cody Simpson A ‘F*cking Idiot’! Are They Still Friends Or What?!

The latter situation seems to describe Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid ‘s breakup–the former couple insisted their split this past May was an amicable one, and this truly does seem to be the case. The Aussie singer and Ralph Lauren model, 18, recently told Yahoo! We’re just on different paths right now. Style, “I haven’t moved onto another celebrity girlfriend. Seriously,” he said with a sigh. Cody Simpson says Gigi Hadid breakup “freed up space for me to actually be myself” These days, though, Cody’s doing his best to keep his name out of the tabloids.

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Is Cody Simpson Single?

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Cody Simpson has been “taking a little time” for himself in the wake of his break-up last year with model Gigi Hadid.. ET caught up with the Australian singer on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio.

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Is Cody Simpson Dating Kylie Jenner? The TRUTH from Cody!