With a variety of vendor booths, speakers and activities as well as hundreds of amazing cosplays, the convention felt like the best parts of Halloween came a month early. From the most intense cosplay to the prints sold at vendor booths, the convention was oozing creativity and highlighting communication between artists and enthusiasts. Comic Con catered to every demographic, even featuring a Kid Con that made the convention fun for families. For the adult community, Comic Con was the perfect place for artists to get their work out into the public sphere. Comic Con further catered to the teen and young adult demographic by offering Sci-Fi Speed Dating for singles wanting to mingle with people they may already share some common interests with. While there were a variety of interesting things for children to look at or buy in each booth, this area was taken up mostly by adults.

Sci fi speed dating comic con

Awesome Con is packed with plenty of fun things to do as it features an exhibition hall with hundreds of vendors and artists selling; comic, toys, video games, collectibles, original artwork and all sorts of souvenirs and geeky merchandise. Awesome Con hosts many exciting and fun events such as video game, board game and card game tournaments, Sci-Fi Speed Dating, Super Art Fight, costume contests and a myriad of activities for children in its special Kids Comic Con area.

Celebrities also feature in awesome con so that the fans get a chance to talk to them.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating is a thing, and Wes experienced it at Awesome Con Despite the nifty name, it’s way less futuristic than it sounds. Despite the nifty name, it’s way less futuristic than it sounds.

Comic Con seems an unlikely place to get your flirt on, but when nerds unite clad in Spandex and armor, sparks can fly. One year, a woman went through nine rounds of three-minute dates with 70 guys without getting a single match…and on her tenth try, she got more than 60 numbers. Like I said, epic. I had a great time meeting fellow dorks in Minnesota, so I cleared my schedule to give it a shot in the Big Apple. The day before, organizers told me there was a thousands-long waiting list already, but that I should just register and show up anyway, since most of the people on the list were guys.

I find a lengthy queue already forming outside the door. Slightly bedraggled and rain-soaked, I take my place in line and pull out a book, hoping Pikachu and a swipe of red lipstick will be enough to get me into this session. When I was a teenager, I attempted to learn Elvish — mostly because I liked Tolkien, and partly due to my still-standing crush on Orlando Bloom.

A guy strikes up a conversation while we wait in line, under the pretense of seeing whether or not my book is good. Eventually, I talk my way off the waiting list and into the room. I look around at fourteen couples sitting across from one another, name tags stuck onto homemade costumes and a surprising number of Superman shirts. Sadly, this is as big as the group will get.

Nerd speed dating is cool, as we found out at Comic Con New Orleans: Video

Others came to the annual convention to fulfill a different fantasy: A costumed Jedi Master standing at the front echoed into the mic, “Three, two, one, aaaand switch. He volunteered to go with a friend as “karma payback.

Speed Dating; Workshops / Panels; Volunteer; But coming to a comicon is a real opportunity to connect with the people that made your show happen and are responsible for its continued success. It’s really humbling.” ― Kunal Nayyar! Media Guests Attending The Cincinnati Comic Expo. Autograph/Photo Ops Prices here. G.I. Joe, The.

But faithfulness wasn’t the Ace Attorney anime’s problem. Setting aside its bottom-shelf animation, which was constantly off-model and slideshow-minimal but still watchable at least, this show was as exact to the events of the original game as possible, only cutting extraneous gags and details to tighten the runtime. The series is also doing its best to adapt in beneficial ways, foreshadowing Phoenix’s backstory in the first episode and giving him extra time to grieve the loss of his mentor in the second episode.

So what is it about this new anime that’s leaving Ace Attorney fans so overwhelmingly disappointed? Is it really just shabby visuals holding the show down? I believe there’s way more to Ace Attorney than meets the eye, so if its unassuming anime series left you scratching your head in confusion over the games’ popularity, I’ll do my best to explain why Phoenix Wright’s adventures mean so much to fans all over the world.

If you were to ask the average Ace Attorney franchise , you’d probably get a lot of bright, uplifting, and downright family-friendly sounding answers. Phoenix lives in a universe where everyone’s name is a goofy pun, every interaction is rife with dad jokes, and wacky coincidences turn every trial into an unpredictable game of round robin. Sure, each case he takes on turns into a tangled murder mystery, but no matter how dire things get for his client, the case is always resolved with exoneration of the innocent and an entertaining mental breakdown from the dastardly true culprit who was foolish enough to try and fib on the witness stand.

Above all else, Phoenix Wright is usually recommended for being humorous and heartwarming, and the anime definitely tries to retain that core appeal. But that’s just the broadest side of Ace Attorney ‘s story. It’s the part you see when you read a plot summary peppered with funny whodunit names and strange pieces of evidence, so it’s also the part that’s easiest to translate into an animated TV show.

The experience of actually playing the games results in much more complicated emotions, because “being Phoenix” has a dramatically different impact on people than just “watching Phoenix,” and I think that’s the secret to Ace Attorney ‘s surprisingly powerful impact. When people talk about characters like Miles Edgeworth, Maya Fey, or Godot, they’re less likely to bring up trademark gags even though there are plenty to be had and more likely to talk about the heart-pounding tension or sense of genuine desperation they felt when trying to defend or confront them in court.

Comic Con: Sci-fi speed dating for geeks

It is the Super Bowl of the superhero-obsessed, the Mardi Gras of the anime aficionado, the swarming season of “Star Wars” fans, the high tide of Trekkies, the OK, you get it. At the end of this story, we shall discuss why the word “nerd” is no longer an insult and why nerds are roaring, as Helen Reddy might have said, in numbers too big to ignore.

But first, some Comic Con highlights: He and fellow “X-Files” actor Mitch Pileggi swapped behind-the-scenes memories and answered fan question at the main stage Saturday Jan. David Duchovny says ‘Trump has made conspiracies a lot less fun’ When an audience member asked Duchovny and Pileggi to cite their favorite conspiracy theories, the talk took a political turn.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating hosts sessions during the Derby City Comic Con to help the lovelorn bond over shared admiration for specific comics, movies, and TV shows. 10/28/17 Marty Pearl/Special to The C.

Meet an entire room full of fellow Geeks in a safe, no-pressure. Sci fi speed dating comic con Sci-Fi Speed Dating. Want to add to the discussion. As is standard practice at comic con and fan events around the country, they have the right to cancel if there are circumstances that require it such as a film project, illness or force sci fi speed dating comic con. All guests that sci fi speed dating comic con announce have committed to attend the show.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you didn’t pay for it, why should someone else. Nerd speed dating is cool, as we found out at Comic Con New Orleans: Posts that circumvent or promote breaking of a convention’s rules will be deleted. Log in or sign up in seconds. Sci-Fi Speed Dating Participation is first come, first serve.

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Show Hours. Friday 4pm-8pm. Saturday 10am-6pm. Sunday 11am-5pm. Panel Schedule. Panel Room A: Panel room B: Sci Fi Speed Dating noon to 8pm. Santa Fe Comic Con does not endorse any political candidate and we welcome all political campaigns who have an interest in the comics and entertainment industry.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating was a hit for self-proclaimed geeks and nerds at New York Comic Con this year — people signed up and got real fictional. But a love scandal ripped hearts in two during one of the sessions on Saturday, leaving lusty Princess Leias and sexy Superwomen without partners in crime fighting. The molten hot asteroid of several women’s eye was a man dressed up as Bane, one of Batman’s arch enemies. Ladies who spoke to HuffPost Weird News said the man was a real charmer during the 2-hour quick-date fest, despite his character being a real nemesis.

Check out more Sci-Fi Speed Dating photos below! But it turned out that Bane was a real life Two-Face. Sci-fi speed dating, babes and beefcakes in cool outfits, and plenty of video games and expert panels to pass the time with. Instead they’re assigned a number — to avoid the occasional stalker — and at the end of dozens of rounds, each person writes down his or her favorite numbers.

It’s all in hopes that someone they picked out wrote down their number, too.

Sci fi speed dating comic con

The Force Awakens” in London. Comic-Con speed dating guru Ryan Glitch says “Star Wars”-obsessed singles may find sympathetic love interests at his events, held across the country. In five years of geek speed-dating, the events have led to couples who are dating seriously; 43 couples who are currently engaged; and 74 couples who have tied the knot.

Glitch, now 29, was single when he starting hosting the speed-dating events five years ago.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating. K likes. We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and memorable Speed Dating experience at pop culture events across the globe!

August 7, Give speed dating a chance; at the least, you’ll make some new friends. When you’re single and looking, the best approach to dating is to try multiple methods of meeting people. Speed dating is a great option, especially if the event is themed to match singles with a common interest. I especially love that the whole thing is quick — get in, get out, get on with life. As with any dating venture, I think it is important to set reasonable expectations.

Yes, you’re hoping to meet the love of your life or perhaps your next fling , but if that is your only measure of success for the evening, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. Your main goal for the event should be to enjoy talking to new people. In my experience, most people have something interesting to talk about. Ask a simple, broad—topic question like, “How has your summer been going? Expect there to be one jerk in the bunch.

There will probably be one guy who will spend the entire three minutes staring at your boobs , psychoanalyzing you by the one question you asked, or talking about how great he is. If you can get through those three minutes with a smile, that’s great. If not, feel free to get up and hit the ladies room, get a drink or chat up the host.

Speed Dating Goes Sci-Fi at MegaCon!!!