Space The annual Perseid meteor shower will peak on Sunday night when up to 70 shooting stars an hour will be visible in British skies. Stargazers could be treated to an even more spectacular show than usual because the new Moon will bring a darker sky than usual. However the illusion is merely an effect of perspective similar to what motorists see when driving in heavy rain, as the meteors move parallel to each other, The radiant will be visible from around 10 pm and at this time there will be the highest chance of seeing Earth grazing meteors, the kind that skim the atmosphere and have long, blazing tails. Observers can expect to see a few tens of meteors per hour, or one every few minutes, once darkness has fallen on 12 August. A shooting star is seen on the night sky during the perseid meteor shower in Jankowo, near Poznan, in Credit: The darker your site, the more meteors you are likely to see.

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Fred Milanowski, special agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Houston field office, told reporters Monday that Kelley was denied a permit to carry handguns in Texas. However, he was still able to purchase four guns in the last four years , two in Texas and two in Colorado.

According to Justin Sparks, a Fort Worth attorney and expert on Texas firearms laws, being prohibited from carrying a handgun in public is not the same as being prohibited from buying and owning one.

The BBC’s Mariko Oi examines the power and influence Asian talent agencies wield over some of the region’s biggest stars. dating” clause of the contracts has resulted in some idols being sued.

According to a Princeton Survey Research Associates International survey, 11 percent of Americans have used an online dating site and seven percent used a mobile app. Online dating has gained popularity since its inception with Match. Today, with over 7, of these websites available around the globe, the idea of online dating transcends its obscure origins and moves to the forefront of society.

This adds a level of artificiality to the dating process and induces a reliance on technology which can be downright dangerous. One of the hallmarks of a good relationship is the connections people form. This could mean how they meet, the chemistry between them and the circumstances that pushed them together. Using online dating strips this away, it adds an algorithm to a natural process.

It takes away the genuine nature of creating connections. This is only fueled when sites interested in their bottom line, dupe users to keep them coming back with promising deals and luring profiles. People are seeing who a business person wants them to see, instead of a potential partner. People spend too much time on their phones. Society suffers from not only detachment from others, but also health risks from technology addiction.

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Stephen Paddock has been identified as the gunman in the Las Vegas shooting Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email ISIS has claimed responsibility for a shooting that left at least 50 people dead and more than others injured at a packed music festival in Las Vegas. In a statement via its Amaq news agency, the terror group said the gunman, identified by police as Stephen Paddock, was a “soldier of the Islamic State”. It also claimed he had converted to Islam a few months ago – and had carried out the deadly attack “in response to calls to target states of the coalition”.

Despite the extremist militant group’s claims, police had told reporters earlier today that the massacre was not believed to be an act of terrorism. They said they had no information about Paddock’s motive, he had no criminal record and was not believed to be connected to any militant group.

A film crew are making a Reality TV show about a couple brought together by a dating agency. However, the couple are so incompatible that the crew must manipulate the relationship to get the footage they need.

January 27, Warner Home Video Though much has been written about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born years ago—on January 27, —the most entertaining look at the master composer’s life might very well be Amadeus, Milos Forman film about the artist’s life and rivalries. Here’s a look back at the Oscar-winning biopic that not only brought renewed interest to Mozart’s music in the s, but inspired Austrian rocker Falco to write the chart-topping ” Rock Me Amadeus.

The production won five Tonys, including Best Play and Best Actor for McKellen, who beat out Curry for the award; the two leads had been nominated in the same category. In an attempt to circumvent any typecasting he might get after three blockbuster Star Wars films launched his career, Mark Hamill played the composer on Broadway for nine months in A young Kenneth Branagh was an early contender for the part of Mozart.

In his autobiography , he wrote that he thought he had the part in the bag until Forman informed him they were casting Americans for the leads. Though Mozart was a rock star in his day, actual rock star Mick Jagger was also turned down after his audition. Actor Simon Callow originated the role of Mozart at the Royal National Theater production of Amadeus in , and though Forman told him his portrayal was “truly brilliant, fantastic, asshole and genius, funny, tragic, crazy, a baby and a god,” the director wasn’t prepared to give him the title role in the film.

The Tyl Theatre in Prague was the original theater where Don Giovanni first premiered in October , and the authenticity of the building was a huge boon for the production since it had hardly been updated since it was first built in And he conducted the first performance.

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A asteroid a rocky object in space that can be a few feet wide to several hundred miles wide. Most Solar System asteroids orbit in a belt between Mars and Jupiter astro a prefix that means “star” in the Greek language astronaut a person who travels in space. The word, ‘astronaut’ comes from the Greek words meaning “space sailor. One astronomical unit equals the distance from Earth to the Sun: Astronomy is the oldest science, dating back thousands of years to when people noticed objects in the sky overhead and watched how they moved astrophysics a branch of astronomy.

The dating pool is deep, too. Seven players on the market can be considered game-changers for those franchises willing to heave a hefty bag of cash in their direction.

Published in the journal Nature, the study saw ESA’s probe Rosetta snare and analyse dust ejected from 67P as the comet raced towards the Sun, hundreds of millions of kilometres miles from Earth. Comets are clusters of primordial dust and ice that orbit our star in elliptical circuits. As they near the Sun, melted dust and ice is deposited in their wake as a visible “tail” that disappears from view as they head back into the Solar System — a cycle that continues until the celestial wanderers finally disintegrates.

Comet 67P has an orbit of about six-and-a-half years — about four years of each cycle are spent in the cold outer reaches of Space far from the Sun. But as the comet draws closer to the Sun again, and is reactivated by its heat, the mantle starts to disintegrate and dust particles are shed The comet’s most recent switch into active mode was observed from up close by Rosetta since its arrival in August last year to October — orbiting 67P at a distance of 30 km 19 miles or less.

Particles collected by Rosetta’s COSIMA instrument during this period, when the comet moved from a distance of million kilometres to million kilometres from the Sun, shattered on contact, said Schultz. The particles were about 50 micrometres in size 0. The study gives important backing for mathematical models of the source of shooting stars. Another source would not be required. They are rocks, much smaller than planets, which circle the Sun, mainly in a belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Comet 67P’s outer dust mantle should be entire shed soon, if it has not happened already, said the study authors. As a result, the particles that will be collected for the remainder of Rosetta’s mission will have very different properties as the ones used in the study. Rosetta’s journey to 67P took more than a decade from and 6. Last November, the craft placed a washing machine-sized robot lab, Philae, on the comet to gather as much data as possible for the hour duration of its onboard batteries.

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The much-awaited shower is one of the most spectacular celestial events of the year and the shooting stars are bright and easy to spot from all over the world. A few days later the vast space rock Phaethon, described by Nasa as ‘potentially hazardous’, will pass 6. A fish-eye view of the surrounding nighttime landscape at the Automated Lunar and Meteor Observatory can also be seen.

Earth runs into a stream of debris from Phaethon every year in mid-December, causing meteors to fly from the constellation Gemini.

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This list, however, deals specifically with a TV series in which an actor dies in real life, and whose character also dies and is written out of the show, with the expectation that the show continues on without them. Some shows managed a little while, others came to a screeching halt, others have continued on, mostly depending on the role played. Obviously the shows listed here are U.

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For the film makers, Golino may be the right actress in the right job, but for her, getting there was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. When she was 14, Golino was standing around at a party when a modeling agent saw her and insisted she come to work for her. At 16, she was a model returning to her mother’s home in Greece to complete her high school exams when director Lina Wertmuller, a good friend of Golino’s aunt and uncle, asked her to do a screen test for a role in “A Joke of Destiny.

And Lena saw it and called me and she said, ‘It could be very dangerous to take you or very good, but I’ll risk it. You do it and you say, ‘OK,’ and then you have to try it again.

Oke Ogagetewho believes Sunshine Stars will pounce on Shooting Stars’ unimpressive form in their Nigerian topflight encounter on Sunday.. Austin Eguavoen’s men visit the Lekan Salami Stadium to tackle their archrivals after they secured a morale-boosting victory over Enyimba last week.

Origins[ edit ] What is now called Misawa Air Base has been used by the military since the Meiji period , when it was used as a cavalry training center for the Imperial Army. In , the Japanese Emperor established a stud farm for the household cavalry in the area that later became Misawa AB, and kept his own Tenno Heika cavalry there until , when the Sino-Japanese conflict required their use in China. Misawa remained a training center for Japanese Cavalry until the Japanese Army constructed the first runway at Misawa for military aircraft in Misawa Air Base was near the takeoff site of the world’s first non-stop trans-Pacific flight in Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon took off from a gravel runway on Sabishiro Beach near Misawa in the aircraft known as Miss Veedol , landing 41 hours later in Wenatchee, Washington thereby successfully crossing the Pacific Ocean.

The runway is commemorated by a large sign in the coastal forest and is a popular beach and recreation area for Misawa AB personnel. The cities of Wenatchee and Misawa cemented their special relationship by becoming official sister cities in , strengthening their friendship through annual cultural exchange programs. The Imperial Army transformed Misawa into an air base in when it was used as a base for long-range bombers.

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Once again, we see evidence of another multi-agency drill held prior the event, as well as a number of other bizarre coincidences and anomalies attached to this heavily dramatized mass-shooting that is said to have occurred at Umpqua Community College, near the small town of Roseburg, Oregon.

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