Even more fans ship Emma and Tom Felton “Feltson” , to the point of absolutely hating Tom’s girlfriend. The biggest tinhats are convinced she’s an evil bitch who, for example, dragged Tom from an awards show where he was presenting with Emma because she was jealous. Emma has admitted to having a crush on Tom when they were much younger, which may contribute to the matter. Many fans films ship Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch Neville and Luna, respectively , on the basis of them being very close friends and also being adorable. Dan and Tom are also a fairly popular pairing, what with their adorable friendship and all. They are both apparently quite aware of this. Tobey Maguire confirmed that there was some of this chemistry between him and Kirsten Dunst on the Spider-Man Trilogy set.


What secret is being kept? They’d make covers of their favorite songs, do a little true or dare, or even just post random things. They had a strong friendship. Well, more like a Flirty Friendship.

Chapter ‘s POV: Finnaly, we can go to school. Vannessa just finished her hair and like always, it took really long for her to get ready.

Daddysgirl11 A bunch of Raura stories! This for all of you Raura shippers out there. Complete T-Shirt by imaself reviews ” You’re in the middle of shooting the second season, is that correct? T – English – Romance – Chapters: Suddenly they’re joined by two other guests. A livestream, a tag and a little mess with some makeup all in one night. They fell in love and happily dated throught the series.

Shortly after the show ended, thier realtionship did too. But thier feelings never quite disappeared With the wrong impression people might get a little hurt. But at the end of the day they end up with the right people. Rocky and Ryland are in it too but their just chilling together. It’s just a one-shot, but I like to think it’s alright.

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Early life[ edit ] Although Kara Zor-El was the first character to use the name “Supergirl,” DC Comics tested three different female versions of Superman prior to her debut. Supergirl’s first appearance in Action Comics May Art by Curt Swan.

Raura (R/oss and L/aura) is the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano. They appear to be very close friends, and they are very comfortable with each other. They appear to be very close friends, and they are very comfortable with each other.

Report Story My best friend Raini Rodriguez thought it’d be a good idea to take place in this speed dating thing. So yeah I was already chatting with 5 diffrent boys but none of them was anywhere near The first one was way to self centered , the second one didnt let me say one single word , the third didnt even listen or talk to me but played on his phone , the next one smelled badly and the last one was not the worst but we didnt know what to talk about after about 30 seconds. There was just awkward silence.

Time for number 6. Wow he is really good looking. According to the looks hes one of the best boys here. His hazel eyes are But he is probaly just another jerk like the first 3. While speaking he siled warmly at me with his perfect teeth. As I was finished he started to introduce himself and we got a lot in commom. I dont really know why I ususally dont get nervous or shy.

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She has been in Vegas for a little over a year, and She had just recently called me and told me she was in California for two weeks. So we decided to go out to eat and catch up with each other. Could you watch Addison for a while”? He was sitting on the couch drinking a beer like he normally does.

Chase is currently dating will solace at poseidon, years have passed and athena dating fanfiction people! Only poseidon, they would find out about percy and wise daughter, dating Net.

V Ugh I’m so tired. Me, Laura, the rest of R5 and our mums have all been on a plane for the last few hours and we still have four hours to go.. I looked around and I could see that everyone else was asleep. I wish i could sleep but I just have never been able to on planes. I turned on my phone and went onto twitter. They were all basically the same thing Actually it was all mainly Raura and pictures of Laura’s latest photoshoot.

Wait what am I thinking, Laura’s my bestfriend As well as all of theses photos a lot of people had sent me the link to a website called. All of the links were for the same two stories,’Piano’ and ‘Auslly One-Shots’. I knew that the website was a place where fans could go to write about things they liked and I knew that people wrote about ‘Austin and Ally’. Laura and I had talked about it before and we agreed never to read any because it may make actin as Austin and Ally kinda awkward.

No Sense of Direction

If you’re a fan of Auslly, this is the place to be. AnimeAddict This community is for amazing Auslly stories that should be read! Follow for romance, kisses, hugs, friendship, and more from Austin and Ally! Jalki Clashing Opposites “You’re a songwriter with stage fright; I’m a singer who loves being on stage. We’re a perfect match. Because, let’s face it, opposites attract

Omg is he reading gay fanfiction about Dorian Gray Find this Pin and more on Auslly & Raura by masha katsnelson. Pessoa linda Tumblr // funny Tumblr gay Tumblr Posts Dating Tumblr Tumblr Gender SAGA Trans/ gender Amazing. Not fair // goals Find this Pin and more on lgbt by Gabby Breault.

They went to the ‘Chimpanzee’ premiere together. They went to the Muppets premiere together. Ross helped Laura do her make-up. Ross ,and the rest of the cast, tried to encourage Laura to get Twitter which she eventually did. In an interview, when Laura says her favorite food is “go-gurt”, Ross replies “It’s all she eats”, meaning he knows a lot about her. Laura described Ross in an interview saying, “I can read him like a book. I know all his tricks”.

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Currently trying to figure out this wild and crazy thing called personhood despite my fear of the world. I was just browsing the tags and then a sentence came to my head and I had to write it down, and then the rest just sort of poured out like word vomit and here we are. Go not having a lawsuit. And not many people can say that at any age, let alone seventeen years old. But he still misses her. They spent the entire day together and it was awesome, except that even though they had a lot of fun they were still working and as soon as they were done he hopped on a plane and got back just in time to literally run from the car to backstage and Ready, Set, Rock!

#austin and ally #auslly #raura #awesome #r5 #ross lynch speaking-now asked: “Austin and Ally get in a argument about whether pancakes or pickles are better. Austin tries to .

My feautured couples are Stemi, Auslly and Raura mostly but who knows what other couples I will write about. D I hope you enjoy my stories, they are written from my heart, and please leave a review, either here or on my twitter Devotion2Demi. May 04, Huge Fan of Fanfiction OK so I may sound a little stalkerish though to be totally honest what I’m looking at features me so I don’t know if it’s really stalking. I am really bored one rainy afternoon, I have a day off from filming “Sonny with a Chance”, my friends have something else going on in their lives so they can’t hang out with me and my family were of course still in Texas so I’m all alone in my 2 bedroom house trying to find something to occupy my day until it’s time to go to see my girl for our weekly date night where we were going for a walk in the park for our picnic dinner.

Can’t wait for that. I’m in some mood, I don’t feel like going for a drive in my baby, my car, just incase someone recognized me. I love my fans but I don’t feel like being mugged or swarmed by girls screaming my name, squealing like little piglets at feeding time, and jumping, touching and pulling me in every direction by eager hands to either say that they touched an arm, shoulder, shirt or pants of a actor or grab a piece of clothing off sans actor. I will not tell you how many times I have come home with ripped and torn clothing from my outings and had to throw out my clothes and it made me not want to wear my favorite clothing outside the house just in case I meet ravaged fans cause I will defiently regret it when they are ripped to shreds.

Like I said I do love my fans and the knowledge that I have at least some talent that there are people out there who will actually pay good money to watch the movies I’m in and will take the time to watch “SWAC” when there might be other TV shows and things to do with their friends and family but they choose to watch me and my friends on TV.

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Ross has …” See Raura fanfiction dating “Famous Love Raura fanfiction – chapter meeting ” by – “Laura Has been invited to the Grammys Ross has been nominated for best teen actor. What can I do to prevent this in the future. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is raura fanfiction dating infected with malware.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Romance Fanfiction Love Raura Auslly More.. Report. T T Info. Chapter 1~ Realizing. Chapter 2~ The Invatation. Raura Love (Ross and Laura) Chapter 10~ That Night. Kage Rose (Laura’s POV) What if they start dating that would mean I wouldn’t be able to have a chance with him, because then I would probably ruin mine and Maia’s good.

Terrible Things by allyaustin reviews Ross tells his son the story of how he met and fell in love with his mother. While Laura has to be back when the clock strikes 12, Ross can’t let her go just yet. Cause, baby, it’s so cold outside. T – English – Romance – Chapters: Will Ross and Laura be able to fix this or will fame break everything? Based on the song Say Something, and more chapters with more songs!

Is it because she loves the show with all her heart or does it include Ross Shor Lynch? The results are unexpected! Two months, full of filming, fun and drama. No one could’ve expected filming this movie could effect their lifes this much. Where playing Auslly makes two co-stars realize their characters aren’t the only ones who have chemistry.

The Guy Who Saved My Life Ep 1 Raura/RaiaFanFiction