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10 Dating Tips From The 1950’s That’ll Make Every Girl Say ‘LOL No.’

Did you learn something today or have a vintage garment you need help dating? Identify whether the buttons are bakelite plastic, lucite plastic or modern plastic. Bakelite buttons are plastic buttons found on s and s garments. Bakelite was invented in as the first ever synthetic plastic. The infamous zipper is rarely seen on garments.

Dating advice from the women of s shows us how the times have changed. Keep reading for the most ridiculous dating advice from the s. Jun 5, ; The Most Ridiculous Dating Advice From the ’50s. by Dana Covit.

Light-colored molasses can be darkened to make dark gingerbread by adding a teaspoonful of melted chocolate to each cup of molasses. Cream which is hard to whip will whip quickly by adding a few drops of lemon juice. Molasses can be prevented from sticking to the measuring cup if the cup is first greased with butter or lard. Shortening can be measured exactly. Sour milk can be made by adding two 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar to one 1 cup of sweet milk and then letting it stand for a few minutes.

Your baking will be just as light as if real sour milk were used. Whipped cream substitute, delicious in flavor, can be made by adding a slice of banana to the white of an egg and beating until stiff. The banana will dissolve completely. Cornstarch is sometimes used in place of eggs when recipe calls for more than you have on hand. A tablespoonful is used for each missing egg. Custards will not curdle so readily if a tablespoon of flour mixed with sugar is added.

Boiled frosting will not be brittle or break when cut, if a teaspoon of vinegar is beaten into the frosting when the flavoring is added.

16 Ways to Find Love in the Personal Ads (in 1900)

This is an interesting walk through my personal collection of antique fedoras. Please enjoy the journey. But this branding is not new to our modern era. In fact, it began in the late s and Stetson became experts in this new way of doing business. Now, as with the other ways of dating hats, these guidelines rarely give exact dates.

Back in the salads days of post World War II American, Kotex took it upon themselves to present young ladies with truly perplexing multiple choice dating advice ads.

Ritu Post Tags Dating is the most popular activity amongst youngsters. The middle-aged group enjoys dating to a large extent because they have the adequate amount of money to spend lavishly on their dates. No doubt the business world gives them opportunities to earn, which they can spend on leisure activities. But, remember, the coin has two faces. The economy always experiences a downturn at some stage in the form of recession.

Recession burns our pockets, salary accounts and even our jobs. The life reaches to a halt and all comforts begin to evaporate gradually. You have to cut down the expenses to a bare minimum saving a large part of it for contingencies. The declining financial status could affect your desire to go on a date. Your emotions and respect for your partner also play a major role.

Check out some of the tips to date on a budget. So, call it an experiment and explore the local restaurants instead of luxurious ones. Visit some heritage sites in your city and enjoy the ambience with the old songs.

As world dreads North Korea’s next move chilling images show 1950s Soviet Atom bomb being tested

Nearly two decades have passed since that time, but Ukrainian and Russian women are still famous for being the best wives and mothers all over the world. So what makes Ukrainian and Russian brides so special? There is a whole lot of perks of dating Ukrainian and Russian girls, most of them coming from the cultural differences.

Dating had actually been around for a while before the ‘s, but since the presence of the teenager became ever more prevalent and public, dating became more and more popular and routinized. Millions of teenagers in the ‘s went on one or more dates per week.

We visited his old school, along with about 60 other men in their 60s and above. There were also a few other wives. Let me explain why we were there, and the impact of the visit. In the UK, this is a state high school for boys aged 11 and over. Most of the boys were from local working class families, but the school had a good reputation and they studied hard. In the late s, the school re-located to another part of London and the premises were used for various other educational purposes.

It eventually fell into dereliction. The area, in the meantime, changed beyond all recognition and is now full of restaurants and office buildings spilling over from the business district in the City of London. A few years ago, the school building was bought by an Indian luxury hotel chain called the Lalit.

50 Playmates from the 1950s

I recently stumbled across this amusing little article comparing scenarios taking place in the s and now. The list is American-centric, but everyone will enjoy it I am sure. Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack. School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again.

Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers.

Nov 06,  · Classic instructional film for teen daters, presented here in the rare (but incomplete) Kodachrome version. Courtesy: Prelinger Archives.

But actually there have always been journalists willing to flout ethical standards and employee guidelines to surreptitiously pursue a political agenda. In fact, the revelations in the BuzzFeed report pale in comparison to the efforts of a rogue journalist from the s. But he had a second professional life that he hid from his bosses in New York. Later that month, Briggs and Waring concocted a pseudonym, and Briggs began sending in regular columns.

Under the byline of Nicholas Stanford, the Times critic excoriated the biggest names in the media business, including his own employer. Later, the Associated Press asked Waring the same question. But the editor never revealed the name of the Times journalist writing for his newspaper. Like the rogue journalists discussed in the BuzzFeed report, Briggs served as a newsroom spy and fed Waring tips about the alleged liberal slant at the Times.

In early , when editors were planning an ambitious investigation of segregation in the South, Briggs gave Waring a heads-up. After the series ran, Briggs shared newsroom gossip about editors allegedly trimming quotations that were critical of NAACP lawyers who represented Autherine Lucy, an African American woman trying to integrate the University of Alabama. He denounced the liberal columnist Murray Kempton using a racial epithet.

In one column, he raised doubts about the Holocaust. If his work for Waring and the News and Courier played a role in his departure, neither the Times nor Briggs ever said so publicly.

50 Playmates from the 1950s

Check out her articles about crucial tips on female and doggie health. She loves to take long walks, volunteer with kids, try new food, browse through burger recipes, and code in her spare time. Feel free to let her know what you’d like to see her write up next. But what women in the s were expected to do for their husbands?

Thankfully, we have s instructional films to answer all these questions. What to Do on a Date follows our clueless friend Nick in his quest to land a date with Kay the Senior Class Babe. Lucky for Nick, he’s got his friend Jeff to take him by the hand and explain this whole dating thing to him.

Tags ‘Sold to the highest bidder’ – how Ireland’s institutions allowed Americans to adopt Irish children in the s On average 10 Irish children the vast majority born outside of marriage per month were adopted by American citizens in the early-to-mid s. By Cianan Brennan Monday 9 Jan , 6: At that time, as many as 10 Irish children a month, the vast majority of them born outside marriage and as a result resident in Catholic institutions, were being adopted by Americans.

Some such children left these shores between and , with such records only being kept from the former date. This trend was far from secret, and indeed was openly derided in the British press. At the time the then Department of External Affairs now Foreign Affairs saw its role as being purely administrative in nature — it supplied each child with a passport, leaving the suitability or otherwise of each potential adoptive family to the Catholic Church, in whose institutions these illegitimate as they were officially described children invariably resided.

However, the problem of possibly granting an adoption to people who would not be able to adequately care for the child remained. Unfortunately, the vetting in question turned out to be less complete than had been believed, a fact that first came to light in late when a number of children began to arrive in the Archdiocese of Chicago without adequate pre-approval of the would-be adopting families. A subsequent memo between Dublin and the Irish embassy in Chicago indicated the poor impression the Monsignor had made on his interviewers:

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